Pink Aftershock – Three Days In September

September 6, 1988
Pink Aftershock
Three Days In September cassette single
[HAHX-1314] color copied inserts, laser printed labels

Five months passed after the Spot cassette came out before another Slamdek release. It was embodied in this prelude to the next full length Pink Aftershock cassette. This was by no means the same Pink Aftershock. At this point the “band” was just me. I had been teaching myself to play guitar over the past year.

“Three Days In September” is a ridiculously noisy, catchy tune with whispered vocals, a pulsating keyboard bass line, and a robotic drum machine track. The seven and a half minutes of playing time on this cassette single are much more like Dorian Grey than Pink Aftershock. This single sold miserably. Maybe a half dozen? Maybe not even that many. What can you say about something like this? I mean, look at that cover picture. You can’t live with regrets, but if you could, this one would be a place to nice start.


K Scott Ritcher, instruments and vocals

Side one:
Three Days In September
Three Days In September (alternate)