The Slamdek Record Company

sunspring-jason-sk8-smThe Slamdek Record Company was an independent music label based in Louisville, Kentucky, which operated from 1986 to 1995.

The label was known for launching bands like Crain, Rodan, Endpoint, Metroschifter and Sunspring and for documenting the music of Louisville.

ep-rob-in-caliIn addition to music, Slamdek promoted Louisville pride and community involvement.

The label sponsored a weekly live radio program, a music festival, a high school girls’ field hockey team and published a daily planner calendar that included notes on fifteen years of the city’s punk and rock music history.

Slamdek assisted in opening a dialogue between the independent music community and city government via the Mayor’s office. This contributed to laying a groundwork for today’s environment in Louisville in which public facilities, funding and city-sponsored events are more accessible to the area’s youth, musicians and music lovers.

t-man-iroquoisWhen Slamdek folded in 1995, most of its releases went out of print. This website was established in 2000 when digital distribution of music began. Today you can instantly download classic recordings from many of the artists who appeared on the label.

You can also find Slamdek music through services we work with such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Rdio, Deezer, Wimp and Xbox.


Slamdek A to Z
coming soon to the iBookstore!

The complete story of Slamdek’s records and projects are detailed in Slamdek A to Z, a 220-page chronological book. The book was written by label founder Scott Ritcher and includes contributions from 30 other writers.

spot-furnish-partyAll forty-five of Slamdek’s releases are discussed in a narrative form, with track listings, band rosters, anecdotes, excerpts from liner notes, recording dates, and each band’s history as it pertained to the label.

The book includes over 250 photographs and illustrations, and comes with a 21-song compact disc that serves as a sampling of the label’s output. A majority of the disc’s tracks are unavailble elsewhere.

lead-pennies-skating“Slamdek A to Z is a fan’s encyclopedia and a trainspotter’s wet dream.
– Alternative Press

“The label was integral in documenting one of the most creative times in Louisville music history. Slamdek A to Z is both the ultimate extension of the Slamdek philosophy and its crowning moment.”
– Louisville Courier-Journal

CB-tim-at-j-hill“The history of this label is an interesting read. You will dig this book.”
– Punk Planet

“I’m completely overwhelmed by the detail of it all. If you want to see how a punk scene formed, live, and [was] passed on, this is a great documentary of such. From punk rock field hockey teams to riots, you’ll read about it all.”
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